Frequently asked questions about popping


1. What kind of activities will my child be participating in with the “neighbors” from the adult care program?

The POPPING Staff will design the weekly lessons using our play-based curriculum, “The Creative Curriculum” and will work with the Hospice of the Valley staff to coordinate age appropriate, engaging activities for the children and the adults. The activities could range from music and movements, story time, gardening, structured or free art, pottery, dramatic play, STEM and more.

2. How often will the children interact with their “neighbors” from the adult care program?

The inter-generational experience will be a daily occurrence that will take place at the same time each day. The duration of time will depend on the activities planned.

3. Can my child begin at POPPING before they turn two years old?

POPPING will be licensed for children aged 2-5 so we they are unable to attend until they are two.

4. Who will be supervising the inter-generational activities?

The children will always be with their teachers. The adult neighbors will also have HOV staff/volunteers that will monitor them during shared space activities.

5. What policies and procedures do you have in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19?

We will continue to follow and implement the existing policies and procedures from main campus as well as staying in accordance with CDC guidelines.

6. Will the same enrichment programs offered at main campus be available to the children at POPPING?

We may not be able to duplicate the same enrichment programs as main campus, but the children of POPPING will enjoy unique enrichment activities such as their daily interactions with their “neighbors”. Once we become more familiar with the space available, we will be able to determine suitable enrichment programs.

7. What is the cost of tuition, and what packages are available?

Currently we are offering our A5 and B5 packages.

A5 is our full-time package of 5 days a week from 7:00am to 6:00pm and

B5 is 5 days a week from 9:00 am to 3:00pm.

We are not offering our 9:00-12:00 packages or 2- and 3-day options at this time.

8. How many children will be in each classroom and what will be the teacher to child ratios?

We have two classrooms at our POPPING campus. The smaller classroom will have up to 12 children and larger classroom will have up to 16. Our ratios for 2-year old’s, 1:6, 1:8 for 3-year old’s and 1:10 for 4 -5-year old’s. We will operate under the ratio of the youngest child in the room.

9. Who are the staff members at POPPING?

We are bringing over some familiar faces from the main campus. Teacher Shara, Teacher Caitlyn along with an aide (TBD) will be opening the first classroom.

10. What if my child is nervous and does not want to participate in activities with the “neighbors”?

Although we are very excited to explore the benefits of an inter-generational program, we would never force an experience on the children. We will provide alternate activities in the shared space for the children who may have reservations.