Philosophy of Education

During your child's early years, it is important to provide him or her with experiences that will inspire confidence in his or her own abilities and love of learning. At Prince of Peace Preschool, a dedicated and experienced staff provides exciting experiences that are a valuable supplement to the primary parental education in the home.

We believe that children learn by doing and playing. Given a creative and nurturing environment, they will develop at their own speeds into unique individuals. Through all we do, we seek to nurture that unique individuality.

The Prince of Peace Preschool program offers a blend of planned activities and free choice time, utilizing a rich environment of art materials, water play, science, books, musical instruments, puzzles, dress-ups, games, large and small manipulatives, outdoor play opportunities, and much more. Special emphasis is placed upon helping your child develop a strong sense of self, and upon learning social and problem-solving skills.

Children spend a great deal of time in an adult world, adapting to adult demands. At Prince of Peace the equipment, materials, and experiences are all geared to the child. This is a world which is child-centered; in which the teacher plans and presents a program suited to young children; in which work is play and play is work; in which children's needs come first.