General Questions


Is there a place to for Mothers to Breastfeed/Pump?

Absolutely! Mothers are encouraged to come as often as they want to breastfeed. We even have a nice quiet private room for you to spend that special time with your child.


What is the drop off/pick up schedule? Is it ok to come and go whenever?

Prince of Peace Preschool is open from 7am-6pm. You may drop off your child anytime between those hours.  You may also drop your child off, pick them up and drop them off again.


Who should I drop off first? My infant or my preschooler?

In order to keep all of our classrooms clean and healthy, we ask that you please drop your preschooler off first.  We also ask that older siblings please wait in the front office during POPIT drop offs.

Infant Care Questions

(infant -walking)


Can babies be swaddled during naptime?

Per state licensing requirements, infants will NOT be put to sleep in something that restricts movement. Infants will be placed in an appropriately sized sleep sack during naptime.


Will each baby have their own crib?

Yes. Each baby will have his/her own crib. Crib sheets and mattresses will be washed and cleaned daily.


What will be in the crib with the baby?

Babies will be placed on their back. NO blankets or lovies will be placed in the crib. They can be placed in a sleep sack if need be. Crib bumpers will NOT be allowed in any cribs.


What do I need to provide for my baby?

We ask parents to please bring their own:  Formula/Breast milk, any baby food, clean bottles, diapers and wipes.  You will need to bring a bottle for each feeding. We send bottles home at the end of the day, which will be rinsed out, but not sanitized.


How are the items stored or labeled?

Each baby will have his/her own clear bin in the classroom refrigerator.  They will be clearly labeled with the child's name. Each food container/bottle must be labeled with child’s first and last name.


Feeding schedule/nap schedule—will all the infants be put on a similar schedule or will you be able to follow the infant's individual schedule?

We will follow the schedule provided by the parents.



What will I need to take home with me each day?

You will need to take home all used bottles and any soiled clothes. Soiled clothes will be kept in plastic bags, in a diaper pail. They will be labeled with your child’s name.



Toddler Questions 

(18 months - 2 years old)


Will I need to brings snacks and lunch?

We will provide a morning and afternoon snack.  We ask that you provide lunch each day.  Each class will have a microwave for heating up food.


How often and when is nap time?

There will be a quiet time in the morning and a nap time after lunch.


What do I need to provide for my child?

We ask that you provide diapers, wipes, any formula/breastmilk, and bottles. We will provide a nap cot with a sheet and blanket. You can send in a lovie for your child to sleep with if you would like. We will wash all nap blankets and sheets.